Back in December, the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department triumphantly announced the ahead-of-schedule reopening of Washington Square Park after a nearly six-month closure. During the closure, renovations were made to make the park “greener, drier and more accessible” after a $3 million water conservation project that would save 2 million gallons each year. Now, just two months after it reopened, the lawn is roped off again, according to Hoodline.

This time, the temporary closure is due to “pooling issues” after the rainy season, an issue that apparently was caused by the timing of when the project was started.

“We started this project a little later in the year at the community’s request to accommodate the Italian Heritage Festival. That put our sod installation and park opening right at the beginning of the rainy season,” explained SFRPD communications associate Madison Sink. “That means it’s going to be a bit wet until the sod roots have time to fully establish and open up the soil beneath for proper drainage.”

They expect the pooling issues to be temporary, and staff is aerating the field in the next few weeks to assist with root growth and proper drainage. Sink clarified that the park itself is still open; they will just be rotating closures of high-use sections of park to give the new lawn time to rest.

And if you’re wondering why the lawn looks pretty brown right now, that was to be expected: the sod mix includes Bermuda grass, which is a hardy grass that’s great for water conservation, but goes semi-dormant (and therefore) brown in the winter before blooming green in the spring.

Madeline Wells is an SFGATE associate digital reporter. Email: [email protected] | Twitter: @madwells22